Weeks 12/13 Moodle Module Part 1 ~ 2014 Convergent Journalism Reports: Critical Analysis

Re-Configuring Video Journalism by Jordan Osborne https://storify.com/JL_Osborne/online-video-journalism From the very first words on Jordan’s report: Re-Configuring Video Journalism, I was encapsulated by the way he formatted his writing. Simply starting with a strong fact, two lines, one sentence, I was drawn in without being over barred by a lengthy introduction. The words “In December of […]

Week 10/11 Module Module ~ Twitter

Zoe foster Blake Larry Emdur Edwina Bartholomew For my Week 10/11 Web Module I have gone astray from the usual and most popular option of writing about “hard-core” journalists and journalism, and instead have found a greater interest in following three very influential people whose work follows the path, and has followed many different paths […]